For any writer considering using Alex as your editor...you may end your search with this mermaid on the rock, she's AMAZING! I found her as a Beta reader for my first novel in 2019, and her professional and enthusiastic feedback persuaded me to change from my then-current (and very capable) editor. Alex combines both editorial nuts/bolts expertise with an avid reader's enthusiasm, and that latter quality persuaded me to change editors. When an editor is "into" your work, they will push you harder and do a better job of keeping you on track, and that's been my experience with Alex. In short, a ringing endorsement for Alex. She's EXCELLENT!

— Lawrence Brown

Alex did amazing work! She helped better my novel in so many ways. Her suggestions, corrections and ideas were amazing. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I am so happy that I contacted her. I will be using her services again!

— J Rundle


I utilized Alex's services three different times while working on my latest project. Every step of the way she provided insightful and critical comments that elevated my writing beyond what I thought it could be.

During the Alpha Read process, Alex's in line commentary and reactions helped me shape the story I wanted to tell. Her questions helped me understand where my story needed clarification and where it was strong. Most helpfully, she helped me gain insight to how my audience would read my book so I could tailor the experience to get my points across.

I will use Alex as a Beta reader for all my future projects. Her comments, questions, and suggestions helped me give my novel the final touches it needed.

As a proofreader, Alex not only provided an expert eye to grammar, spelling, formatting, and clarity, she also provided much appreciated affirmation of creative decisions.

I can truly say that my book has markedly improved through using Alex's services. I would recommend her services to any self-publishing author. The drafts she returns are worth every penny and more.

Thanks Alex!

–Lynn Katzenmeyer

She taught me some things about how to write narrative even better, without any fault-finding or negative comments. If I could give her six stars, or even ten, I would. She earned them.

—J Riden

Super fast response!!! Big + Alex's feedback was like a blow-by-blow as she read. So, you could see where parts tripped and recoveries happened. Thanks, Alex.

—goturner [via Fiverr]


The level of feedback she offered was so much more than I expected. With blow-by-blow comments, I felt as if I was reading the manuscript with her. You know exactly when she laughs, gets confused, needs more information, figures something out, or is moved by a moment. Plus, her enthusiasm is infectious! HIGHLY recommended :)

—winnappletaylor [via Fiverr]


Proof by Alex did such an amazing job. Her edits were amazing and her feedback was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend her and her services. She was quick and thorough. I will certainly be using her again!

—CL Cook

I chose Alex because I'm still very new to the world of novels and appreciated the honest with kindness tagline. I am blown away by the work she's done for my story. Her comments are helpful to gain insight into the reader experience, questions to ponder as an author, and suggestions for improvement. I will definitely seek out Alex as I move forward with this and future projects.

—sydneykatzenmey [via Fiverr]

Comments were extremely specific and helpful. Highly recommended! A++++

—tusacm [via Fiverr]


Brilliant work -- Alex delivered exactly what I needed, and quickly too. I'll definitely use this seller's services again.

—meticulousmatt [via Fiverr]


Wow! Thank you for your hard work. You have exceeded my expectations by a mile. I truly appreciate this. You have made my day! Thanks again! :)

—T Marlow


I cannot express how much Alex’s beta-read helped me, or how fun it was to receive! It was like a live stream of someone reading my book. She carefully noted when/where questions came up (which was a HUGE helps as I really wanted to see where/when the reader started wondering about specific points in the story), let me know which bits of humor hit the mark, which ones didn't, shared opinions on the characters (and how they changed as time went on), speculation on what will happen next, and provided a boat load of other extremely helpful insights. She even pointed out typos and issues with perspective switching that I feel goes beyond what a beta-reader needs to do. 

I really felt like she took my story personally and was not just running down some checklist of things to include in her feedback. I will (and am) hire(ing) her again, to help me get this finished. The 'in the moment' reactions to her reading were absolutely invaluable. It made me excited to get back to work on polishing up my book! A task that had started to feel daunting as I was so buried in it I had lost perspective. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for fresh eyes to their story and through, thoughtful, feedback.

—Alex Tremari


I got my short story back from the editor! Working with Alex was great. The work was good and done in a timely manner :) I’m so excited to share this story #excited #shortstories #amwriting

—Emilie Knight [via Twitter]

Wonderful experience, provided great feedback, I will be back once project is finished!

—taquasia [via Fiverr]

Alex's beta read provided me with so many ways to tighten up my writing and smooth over possible points of confusion, which is so important for fantasy. Her attention to detail and consistency within my world and characters was amazing. And I absolutely love that she notated her reactions, both good and critical, so that I could get a look into a reader's mind. I know my novel will now read so much clearer and I cannot thank Alex enough!

—Allison Rose


Alex left some great pointers and thoughts in an encouraging and fun to read way. Totally rebooking if she is available!

—yourfriendtoby [via Fiverr]


I highly recommend working with Alex. She is not only prompt and pleasant to work with, but she also has an excellent eye.  I am very grateful for her wonderful insight.

—Bianca Blythe

I hired Alex to do a beta read of my manuscript, and even chose to upgrade to her alpha read option, which is a more in-depth option with more detailed commentary from her. I think she is the perfect alpha reader and I highly recommend her! Every writer needs a fresh pair of eyes reviewing their work and she exceeded my expectations of an alpha reader. She "bought all in" on my unusual storyline and wrote many "nice touch, interesting and lol" comments, exactly in the places I was trying to be funny and interesting. So it was a big confidence boost to see that my efforts came across to this reader. However, as much as it feels good to get compliments for your work, possibly even more valuable are the insights into plot holes or logic errors that sharp eyes like hers can spot. I have absolutely loved reviewing her notes and finding all the little errors in logic and plot holes that as a writer, you may have slightly overlooked, or assumed a type of backstory for the characters that was nevertheless not mentioned in the manuscript yet. Having reviewed her notes and revised my manuscript based on her comments, questions and suggestions, I am certain the novel is strengthened for the effort. Between the confidence boost from her positive comments and the peace of mind from revising based on her suggestions and questions, you can feel that you have given your manuscript a really good workout with a passionate, informed and engaged alpha reader! Don't delay-get your manuscript alpha read by Alex today!

—Kira Seamon